Ramones History

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Born 1919-04-24 Noel Hyman (Father of Joey Ramone)
Born 1926-07-05 Charlotte Mandell (Mother of Joey Ramone)
Born 1947-10-13 Arturo Vega Chihuahua, Mexico
Born 1948-10-08 John Cummings (Johnny Ramone) Long Island, New York
Born 1949-01-29 Tamás Erdélyi (Tommy Ramone) Budapest, Ungarn
Born 1951-05-19 Jeffrey Ross Hyman (Joey Ramone) Beth Israel Medical Center, New York City
Born 1951-09-18 Douglas Glen Colvin (Dee Dee Ramone) Fort Lee, Virginia
Born 1954-07-15 Mitchel Lee Hyman aka Mickey Leigh (Brother of Joey Ramone) Forest Hills General Hospital, New York
Born 1955-11-24 Clem Burke (Elvis Ramone) New York City
Born 1956-07-15 Marc Bell (Marky Ramone) Brooklyn, New York
Born 1957-08-11 Richard Reinhardt (Richie Ramone) Passaic, New Jersey
Born 1965-10-08 Christopher Joseph Ward (CJ Ramone) Long Island, New York
Event 1973 CBGB opened New York City, Manhattan, 315 Bowery
Band 1974-01-28 Gründung der Band “The Ramones” New York City
Band 1974-03-30 Erste öffentliche Liveshow Performance Studios, New York City
Band 1974-08-16 Erster Auftritt im CBGB CBGB, New York City
Release 1976-04-23 LP ´Ramones`
Release 1977-01-10 LP ´Leave Home`
Release 1977-11-04 LP ´Rocket To Russia`
Born 1978-04-09 Barbara Zampini (2nd wife of Dee Dee Ramone) Argentina
Band 1978-05-04 Tommy Ramone last Show CBGB, New York City
Band 1978-06-29 Marky Ramone first Show Poughkeepsie, New York
Release 1978-09-22 LP ´Road to Ruin`
Release 1978-04-01 LP ´It’s Alive` Live Recorded 1977-12-31, Rainbow Theatre, London
Release 1979-08-04 Film ´Rock ‘n’ Roll Highschool`
Release 1980-02-04 LP ´End Of The Century`
Release 1981-07-29 LP ´Pleasant Dreams`
Release 1983-02-01 LP ´Subterranean Jungle`
Band 1982-11-27 Marky Ramone last Show Islip, New York
Band 1983-02-13 Richie Ramone first Show Utica, New York
Release 1984-10-01 LP ´Too Tough to Die`
Release 1986-05-01 LP ´Animal Boy`
Release 1987-09-15 LP ´Halfway to Sanity`
Band 1987-08-12 Richie Ramone last Show Easthampton, New York
Band 1987-08-28 Elvis Ramone first Show Providence, Rhode Island
Band 1987-08-29 Elvis Ramone last Show Trenton, New Jersey
Band 1987-09-04 Marky Ramone first Show after his break Oyster Bay, New York
Release 1989-05-23 LP ´Brain Drain`
Band 1989-07-05 Dee Dee Ramone last Show Santa Clara, California
Event 1989-09-04 CJ Ramone first live appearance Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon, WWOR-TV, New York City
Band 1989-09-30 CJ Ramone first Show Rockandy, Leicester, England
Release 1989 Soundtrack ´Pet Sematary` / ´Friedhof der Kuscheltiere` (Stephen King)
Release 1990 DVD ´Lifestyles of the Ramones`
Release 1991 LP ´Loco Live`
Release 1992-09-01 LP ´Mondo Bizarro`
Release 1993-12-01 LP ´Acid Eaters`
Release 1995-07-18 LP ´Adios Amigos`
Band 1996-08-06 2263rd and final Concert The Palace, Los Angeles, California
Release 1996-06-18 LP ´Greatest Hits Live` Live Recorded 1996-02-29, The Academy, New York City
Release 1997-11-18 LP ´We’re Outta Here` Live Recorded 1996-08-06, The Palace, Los Angeles, California
Release 1998 DVD ´Around the World`
Died 2000-10-20 † Noel Hyman (Father of Joey Ramone) 81 years
Died 2001-04-15 † Joey Ramone 49 years, Lymphoma, Presbyterian Hospital, New York
Release 2001-05-15 LP ´You Don’t Come Close` Live Recorded 1978-09-13, Musikladen, Bremen, Germany
Release 2002-02-19 LP ´Don’t Worry About Me` (Joey Solo)
Band 2002-03-18 ´Rock and Roll Hall of Fame`
Died 2002-06-05 † Dee Dee Ramone 50 years, Heroin overdose, Hollywood, Los Angeles   
Event 2003-03-21 Ausstellung Rampe3 Ramones Tribute in Augsburg MARCH 21 - APRIL 5
Event 2003-11-30 Joey Ramone Place
Release 2003-08-19 LP ´NYC 1978` Live Recorded 07.01.1978, Palladium, New York City
Died 2004-09-15 † Johnny Ramone 55 years, Prostate cancer, Los Angeles
Release 2004 DVD ´We’re Outta Here`
Release 2004 DVD ´Ramones – Raw`
Release 2004 DVD ´Blitzkrieg Bop: Live and Loud at CBGB!`
Event 2005-01-14 Johnny Ramone Statue Unveiling by Linda Ramone. Statue created by Artist Wayne Toth. Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Los Ageles
Event 2005-05-10 Musical-Start ´Gabba Gabba Hey – A Lower East Side Love Story` in Berlin
Release 2005-08-09 DVD ´End Of The Century – The Story Of The Ramones`
Release 2005 BOOK ´Hey Ho Let’s Go – die Story der Ramones` (ISBN: 3865430392)
Release 2005-08-16 LP+DVD ´Weird Tales of the Ramones` (Compilation)
Event 2005-09-15 Opening Ramones Museum Berlin
Release 2006 DVD ´The True Story`
Event 2006 ´Ramones Underground Art & Music Fest` Augsburg (17.11.-31.12.2006)
Event 2006-10-31 CBGB closed New York City, Manhattan, 315 Bowery
Died 2007-01-27 † Charlotte Lesher (Mother of Joey Ramone) 80 years, Heart attack, Rego Park, Queens
Died 2007-08-28 † Hilly Kristal 75 years, Lung cancer, New York City
Release 2007-10-01 DVD ´It’s Alive 1974-1996`
Band 2009-05-14 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame re-presented the induction award for Joey Ramone
Release 2009-12-01 BOOK ´I Slept with Joey Ramone` (ISBN: 0743252160)
Release 2012-05-22 LP ´Ya Know` (Joey Solo)
Died 2012-06-01 † Stella Cummings (Mother of Johnny Ramone) 86 years, Bone cancer, Kissimmee, Florida
Died 2013-06-08 † Arturo Vega 65 years, Cancer, New York City
Died 2014-07-11 † Tommy Ramone 65 years, Bile duct cancer, Ridgewood, Queens