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11977-11-05 SatBrown UniversityProvidenceRhode Island
21977-11-15 TueProvidenceRhode Island
31978-07-10 MonProvidenceRhode Island
41978-10-22 SunProvidenceRhode Islandwith Patti Smith
51979-02-17 SatProvidenceRhode Island
61981-01-07 WedLupos Heartbreak HotelProvidenceRhode Island
71981-09-14 MonProvidenceRhode Island
81982-02-20 SatProvidenceRhode Island
91982-10-01 FriProvidenceRhode Island
101983-12-30 FriThe Living RoomProvidenceRhode Island
111984-03-10 SatProvidenceRhode Island
121984-06-28 ThuProvidenceRhode Island
131984-10-12 FriProvidenceRhode Island
141984-12-29 SatThe StrandProvidenceRhode Island
151985-03-08 FriProvidenceRhode Island
161985-05-20 MonProvidenceRhode Island
171985-10-12 SatProvidenceRhode Island
181986-06-25 WedProvidenceRhode Island
191986-10-18 SatProvidenceRhode Island
201987-01-23 FriThe Living RoomProvidenceRhode Island
211987-05-15 FriProvidenceRhode Island
221987-08-28 FriThe Living RoomProvidenceRhode Islandwith Clem Burke on drums1987-08-28-poster.jpg
231987-11-19 ThuProvidenceRhode Island
241988-04-27 WedThe Living RoomProvidenceRhode Island
251988-09-15 ThuProvidenceRhode Island
261988-12-30 FriThe Living RoomProvidenceRhode Island
271989-05-27 SatThe Living RoomProvidenceRhode Island
281990-03-10 SatProvidenceRhode Island
291990-12-27 ThuCollege ClubProvidenceRhode Island
301992-11-08 SunJohnson and Wales CollegeProvidenceRhode Island
311993-04-22 ThuDonovan Dining CenterProvidenceRhode Island
321993-07-22 ThuLupos Heartbreak HotelProvidenceRhode Island
331994-03-30 WedThe StrandProvidenceRhode Island
341995-08-02 WedThe StrandProvidenceRhode Island
351996-02-12 MonThe StrandProvidenceRhode Island
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