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11976-06-10 ThuThe ShowplaceDoverNew Jersey
21976-09-19 SunDoverNew Jersey
31977-02-08 TueThe ShowplaceDoverNew Jerseywith Talking Heads
41977-10-01 SatDoverNew Jersey
51978-01-09 MonThe ShowplaceDoverNew Jersey
61978-08-18 FriDoverNew Hampshirewith Cramps
71979-03-29 ThuThe ShowcaseDoverNew Jersey
81979-06-16 SatDoverNew Jersey
91979-08-09 ThuDoverNew Jersey
101979-12-28 FriThe ShowplaceDoverNew Jersey
111980-12-29 MonThe ShowplaceDoverNew Jersey
121982-07-02 FriDoverNew Jersey
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