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11978-07-30 SunSpringfieldMissouri
21978-07-31 MonSt LouisMissouri
31979-11-26 MonSt LouisMissouri
41983-05-11 WedSt LouisMissouri
51983-05-12 ThuUptown TheatreKansas CityMissouri1983-05-12-ticket.jpg
61984-12-12 WedSt LouisMissouri
71988-09-29 ThuSt LouisMissouri
81990-07-22 SunSt LouisMissouri
91990-07-24 TueKansas CityMissouri
101994-03-23 WedMississippi NightsSt LouisMissouri
111995-08-19 SatSt LouisMissouri
121996-06-27 ThuLongview LakeKansas CityMissouriLollapalooza Tour
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