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11976-01-30 FriCBGBNew York CityNew Yorkwith Heartbreakers
21976-01-31 SatCBGBNew York CityNew Yorkwith Heartbreakers
31976-02-01 SunCBGBNew York CityNew Yorkwith Heartbreakers
41976-02-25 WedMount St. Mary SeminaryNashuaNew Hampshire
51976-02-26 ThuBostonMassachusetts
61976-02-27 FriBrockton HighBrocktonMassachusetts
71976-03-22 MonMy Father's PlaceRoslynNew Yorkwith Heartbreakers
81976-04-01 ThuCBGBNew York CityNew York
91976-04-02 FriCBGBNew York CityNew York
101976-04-03 SatCBGBNew York CityNew York
111976-04-09 FriPhase VNew JerseyNew Jerseywith Blondie
121976-04-10 SatPhase VNew JerseyNew Jerseywith Blondie
131976-04-18 SunMax's Kansas CityNew York CityNew Yorkwith Blondie
141976-05-10 MonBottom LineNew York CityNew Yorkwith Dr Feelgood
151976-05-11 TueBottom LineNew York CityNew Yorkwith Dr Feelgood
161976-05-13 ThuCBGBNew York CityNew York
171976-05-14 FriCBGBNew York CityNew York
181976-05-15 SatCBGBNew York CityNew York
191976-05-20 ThuBostonMassachusetts
201976-05-21 FriBostonMassachusetts
211976-05-22 SatBostonMassachusetts
221976-05-28 FriNew Canaan High SchoolNew CanaanConnecticut
231976-05-29 SatAndrew Warde High SchoolFairfieldConnecticut
241976-06-10 ThuThe ShowplaceDoverNew Jersey
251976-06-11 FriMax's Kansas CityNew York CityNew York
261976-06-12 SatMax's Kansas CityNew York CityNew York
271976-06-19 SatBrunswick Recreation AreaClevelandOhioCancelled due to heavy rain. They watched "Freaks" in Mayfield Cinema and the idea for "Pinhead" and "Gabba Gabba Hey" was born
281976-06-20 SunTomorrow ClubYoungstownOhiowhen Monte got promoted to road manager
291976-07-04 SunRoundhouseLondonEnglandwith Flaming Groovies
301976-07-05 MonDingwallsLondonEnglandwith Flaming Groovies
311976-07-13 TueMy Father's PlaceRoslynNew York
321976-07-16 FriIslipNew York
331976-07-17 SatIslipNew York
341976-07-18 SunAsbury ParkNew Jersey
351976-07-22 ThuNew HavenConnecticut
361976-08-06 FriMax's Kansas CityNew York CityNew York
371976-08-07 SatMax's Kansas CityNew York CityNew York
381976-08-11 WedThe RoxyLos AngelesCaliforniawith Flaming Groovies
391976-08-12 ThuThe RoxyLos AngelesCaliforniawith Flaming Groovies
401976-08-16 MonStarwoodLos AngelesCalifornia
411976-08-17 TueStarwoodLos AngelesCalifornia
421976-08-19 ThuSavoySan FranciscoCalifornia
431976-08-20 FriSavoySan FranciscoCalifornia
441976-08-21 SatSavoySan FranciscoCalifornia
451976-08-22 SunSavoySan FranciscoCalifornia
461976-08-23 MonGolden BearHuntington BeachCalifornia
471976-08-24 TueGolden BearHuntington BeachCalifornia
481976-08-25 WedGolden BearHuntington BeachCalifornia
491976-08-27 FriThe SmokestackRedondo BeachCalifornia
501976-08-28 SatThe SmokestackRedondo BeachCalifornia
511976-09-02 ThuHempsteadNew Yorkwith Good Rats
521976-09-03 FriFriar Tuck'sNorfolkVirginia
531976-09-04 SatFriar Tuck'sNorfolkVirginia
541976-09-09 ThuCBGBNew York CityNew York
551976-09-10 FriCBGBNew York CityNew York
561976-09-11 SatCBGBNew York CityNew York
571976-09-12 SunWhite PlainsNew York
581976-09-14 TuePoughkeepsieNew York
591976-09-16 ThuStony BrookNew York
601976-09-17 FriWestportConnecticut
611976-09-18 SatWestportConnecticut
621976-09-19 SunDoverNew Jersey
631976-09-24 FriNew Yorker TheatreTorontoCanada1976-09-24-25-poster.jpg
641976-09-25 SatNew Yorker TheatreTorontoCanada1976-09-24-25-poster.jpg
651976-09-27 MonMy Father's PlaceRoslynNew Yorkwith Talking Heads
661976-09-28 TueMy Father's PlaceRoslynNew Yorkwith Talking Heads
671976-10-08 FriMax's Kansas CityNew York CityNew Yorkwith Talking Heads
681976-10-09 SatMax's Kansas CityNew York CityNew Yorkwith Talking Heads
691976-10-17 SunRoyal Oak TheatreDetroitMichiganwith Moxy
701976-10-22 FriWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
711976-10-23 SatWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
721976-10-24 SunWashingtonDistrict of Columbia
731976-10-29 FriJohnson CityTennessee
741976-10-30 SatRichmondVirginia
751976-11-12 FriNewportRhode Island
761976-11-13 SatNewportRhode Island
771976-11-24 WedAtlantaGeorgia
781976-11-25 ThuAtlantaGeorgia
791976-11-26 FriAtlantaGeorgia
801976-11-27 SatAtlantaGeorgia
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